10 Reasons To Give Them To Stick With You!

10 new leaves turn bringing with it the perfect expressions that you always wanted to say but with swag… “I love you but I love me as well!” what a mean contradiction, isn’t it? We know what’s in your heart beyond the barriers stay put on the exterior.

So here’s what’s been churning in our studio! Editor Bob picks the best ones for you to share with your loved one and make it extra special…

1.I Love You And Coffee

How do I tell her/him that she/he is the first thing I look for when I wake up?

Send This Awesome Chalk & Cheese Ecard To Set The Tone Right!

2. Craving For Your Better Half?

We often wanna escape the cheesy lines to express our intent… We don’t wanna look too pleading and yet make the other feel how special they are.

Send The Message Of Sweet Cravings!

3. You’re My Favorite Person

Yes, it’s okay to state the fact but giving a little breather to your vanity as well, trust me people fall in love with you because you love yourself and value yourself. If you are in a sorry state, you will attract only charity.

Send this lovely and naughty expression to your favorite one now!

4. Unfinished Business

Well! There are a few relations which never begin and yet never end…So here’s the perfect ode to such beautiful nothings.

Send a reminder of their presence in your mind!

5. My Popcorn!

Inviting her/him over for a movie? Add in a little mischief! Who said you have to come straight to the point? The fun is in leaving hints around and keeps them guessing!

Send Popcorn Invitation To Watch Your Favorite Gig With Ya!

6. Come Away With Me

Lure The One to Come with You To your own little paradise of togetherness and love.

Guide them, lead them to your heart now, and put it across with a bit of fun!

7. I Love You More Than Doughnuts!

Isn’t it obvious? But, you don’t have to be Captain Obvious or do you? Sometimes express it without being too syrupy.

Send This Yummy Ecard To State The Obvious!

8. You Make Me Melt

What’s for dessert? You!

Send this awesome card to melt his/ her heart tonight!

9. Free Cuddles For Someone Special

Declare this tempting “Cuddle Offer” before the date and keep him anticipating. Let the excitement build up.

Send Cuddles Before You Actually Throw Your Arms Around Him!

10. Let’s Talk Baby!

The voice that melts your heart and makes you a marshmallow, this is the perfect greeting to invite him/her for a long date on the phone.

Send An Ecard To Fix A Phone Date With Your Sweetheart!

Enjoy and express but with a swag!

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Editor Bob

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