4 Reasons Your Childhood Best Friend Is Your Best Friend Forever!

Could you imagine a world without your childhood best friend? From care-free play dates at 5 to secret styling sessions at 13. From first drives at 16 to goodbyes at 18. From unbelievable travel experiences to hour-long chats, a childhood best friend can never be replaced. Here are four reasons why.

Innumerable Memories: He/ she has been a part of your life since you can remember. They have grown up with you through the awkward, adolescent years and guided you in your twenties and thirties. Together, you have created memories that will last for a life-time, with a billion inside jokes and secrets that you will take to your grave.

Life Advisor: In your best friend, you have found your life advisor and guide. Having known each other since time-memorial, they understand and accept your strengths and imperfections. He/ she provides a safe space to confide your deepest troubles. In all the times of self-doubt, he/ she have been one call away, assisting you over the finish line.

Family Member: You are more than just friends. A life-time of knowing each other has created a bond that resembles that of siblings. Since day one, your family has accepted them as one of their own and vice versa.

Happiness Booster: Your Childhood Best friend has the magical powers to cheer you up at any given moment. They push you out of your comfort zone because they want to show your abilities to the world, while making sure you are enriching from the experience. They know what’s best for you.

No matter where life takes you both, no matter how different you maybe, you will always find a way back to each other, because nothing can come in-between you two.

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