What’s The Best Advice Dads Give?

Father’s Day brings with it thrill, fun and emotions as we create the perfect expressions for your myriad emotions. We have got everything but the kitchen sink with us here to make it special and memorable.

You can now say it without being mushy or overflowing which worked well for our touchy moms but wouldn’t work for our up-to-the-minute dads.

What is it that comes to mind when you think of your dad? People came up with all sorts of things that made us laugh and at the same time travel back in time to see how our fathers grew up to be perfect dads.

Beer, stamps, coins, wallet, weights, bikes, hats, cars, gadgets, baseball, books and many other stuffs remind us of the first man in our lives.

My friend’s dad loves to give advice and he has one for every situation, “Don’t overspend on girls until you are serious about her else you will end up being used and dumped, don’t screw up your career for your flings, don’t be sissy, be a man, focus on the ball, don’t hide in your mom’s lap, be strong and independent,” and it went on and on and even though he didn’t follow most of his old man’s guidance, he now realizes that some of them were bang on and sometimes echoes his words of wisdom to the young lads in the vicinity.

The other day my hardworking and most praised colleague shared her dad’s advice with me, she said, “My dad always told us when we were children to never give up even if we have to take baby steps at times, we just have to keep moving on and that’s what I follow.” I have observed her closely and no matter what challenge comes her way she is known for her resilience and grit. Dads play a major role in character building of a child.

So, folks reflect upon what is the most memorable, cherished, hilarious or inspiring nugget of wisdom shared by your dad or special dad as you were growing up. Share now along with a picture of your dad and you will be pleasantly surprised with the gift that awaits you.

You can send your shares at giftasmile@123greetings-inc.com or you can post it in the comments below.

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