Dragon Boat Festival(China) And More On June 22!

Dragon Boat Festival(China): The Dragon Boat Festival is more than just a fun day of boat races and delicious dumplings. It’s a celebration with a rich history that dates back over 2,000 years. Legend has it that the festival began as a search for the body of a beloved poet who drowned himself in a river. Today, people from all over the world gather to commemorate this poet’s life and legacy by racing dragon-shaped boats and enjoying traditional treats like zongzi. So the next time you’re in Southern China in June, be sure to check out the Dragon Boat Festival and pay your respects to this ancient literary figure.

Also on June 22…

National Kissing Day: National Kissing Day is a celebration dedicated to the act of kissing. It is a day when people across the country come together to embrace the expression of love, affection, and intimacy through a simple yet powerful gesture.

World Rainforest Day:World Rainforest Day is an annual observance dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of rainforests and promoting their conservation

National Onion Ring Day:National Onion Ring Day is a culinary celebration dedicated to the beloved deep-fried snack known as onion rings. It is observed on June 22nd each year, inviting people to indulge in the crispy, golden rings of battered and fried onions that are enjoyed by many around the world.

National Chocolate Eclair Day:National Chocolate Eclair Day is a delectable celebration dedicated to the mouthwatering pastry known as the chocolate eclair. Observed on June 22nd, this day invites chocolate lovers and dessert enthusiasts to indulge in this classic French treat.

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