Exciting News From Our Studio Team!

This has been a very exciting year for us at Studio. We signed up around 150 new artists and created over 2,000 cards across 386 categories including 30 new events.

Since the beginning, we have believed in having something for everyone. Over the last year, we worked towards the needs of our younger audience and signed up visualizers who would cater to it. As a result, we created a slew of quirky postcards in the language of our growing audience. Be it witty one liner for couples or vintage cards for special events, our visualizers have added a new flavor to our content. Do check out the profiles of Cozyreverie, BottleCapGuru, Hopskip & Andrea1014 to get the flavor of what we are talking about!

Two new events have also been added this month – Single Awareness Day & National Random Acts of Kindness Day.

While the world of lovers swooned on Valentine’s Day, the singles celebrated not having to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our e-cards. Singles world over responded by sending our trendy postcards rapidly through our mobile app and website. We hope that in the years to come singles find solace on our site and those who are happier being single, celebrate their status through our e-cards.


With the growing despondency around us, we introduced National Random Acts of Kindness Day to share some joy with our users and inspire them to express their kindness in ways which they haven’t done earlier.

Internally, we randomly sent out cards to all our visualizers to have a great day. We hoped to just add a smile to their regular day with this gesture and they spread this little act of kindness around.

Browse, through our selection of National Random Acts of Kindness Day cards and we are sure that you will feel light-hearted. P.S> Don’t forget to send them out and spread the feeling.


Inspired by what we do? Do sign up at 123Greetings Studio to create cards which would help millions express themselves to their loved ones. Not only does the platform give wings to your creativity, it also helps you earn a little for making people happy. For more updates on the Studio platform, do subscribe to our Studio Blog.

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