Find Your Personalized Page – My Page On 123Greetings!

My Page” on 123Greetings is specially created customized page for our users who want to park all their preferences in one place and come back to it whenever they need.

On the recommendation of many users and keeping in mind their convenience we have launched “My Page” which will have all the features of 123greetings Connect.

After a highly productive brainstorming session with the team we created this unique page for all our users who have signed up with our website which displays user profile, upcoming friends’ birthdays/ anniversaries, events subscribed by them, friend requests received, artist’s followed, e-cards received and so on.

We brought forward all the features of 123Greetings Connect on a single page and called it “My Page”. So the question is what does it contain?

Users’ ease and happiness is of prime importance for us. All our efforts are targeted at winning their hearts.

So with great enthusiasm we introduce to you your unique and personalized space -“My Page”.

Let’s glance through some of its features:

  1. Profile information
    Displays – your name, date of birth, gender and description.
  2. Your upcoming friends’ birthdays: Displays your friends’ birthdays with the upcoming ones on top.2
  3. E-cards received by you: Displays the latest e-cards sent by your friends to you.3
  4. Your upcoming events: Displays the events which you would like to celebrate during the year.4
  5. Artists you might like to follow: Displays the e-card artists whom you have followed.5
  6. Friend requests received by you: Displays friend requests received by you.We would love to have you come to 123Greetings and make use of these features. The features have been created keeping YOU and YOURS in mind and to start creating and introducing newer features which will help you come closer emotionally with your friends and loved ones on My Page on 123Greetings.Here are the steps to move forward:
      1. Go to and login in by clicking on the tab at the top right hand corner and go to
      2. Or go directly to and login to go to “My Page”.


We have also created a “My Reminder” section for you so that you can store the birthdays and anniversaries of all your friends and loved ones at a single place. We shall get back to you with details on the same in our upcoming posts. But you may go to to have a look at it yourself. Enjoy new features from 123greetings every now and then and keep wishing all your friends and near and dear ones so that they don’t forget you and so that you are uniquely placed in their minds.

Till next time…

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