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Planning a karaoke night, alumni get-together, birthday party, poker fun, wedding or Halloween surprise and looking for invitation options which are convenient nonetheless unique, personalized and yet gratis, magnificent and befitting the mood and occasion. is the place to be, it provides a one stop solution to extend your warmth to your guests. Send them digital invitations and reminders with our state-of-the-art invites.

We are in an era where people are relocating and globetrotting frequently and email address is more constant when compared to our location on the map and so, which has celebrated your festivals with you, has been a part of your journey from falling in love to taking vows for over two decades, has initiated 123invitations where it offers a bunch of freshly weaved and beautifully crafted invites to set the mood for your celebrations.

What Is An Invitation?

For each of us it has a different meaning. A kid looks at it as the time for cake, birthday and fun. For a young adult it might be a time to be a part of academic, service or sport club or celebrate his/ her girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s birthday. A family looks at it as a time to reunite with all the constants of their life whereas a professional perceives it as an opportunity to build better business and corporate relation for future perspectives.

In each of these aspects, one thing remains common. It binds everyone, the want to ‘connect’ with people. However tech savvy and technologically advanced we get the interpersonal relationship we humans maintain has always been and will be of prime importance.

So, Invitation is a medium to let your loved ones know what their importance in your life is and how their presence makes a difference.

Plan Your Halloween Party –


The season for the little ghosts and goblins is here. Perfect time for all your fantasies to come to real with the amazing costume parties. Yes, we all love them and are excited to be a part of it!

With a history dating back to around 2,000 years old, Halloween is one of the oldest festivals in the world. Over the years it has evolved immensely to become the most popular and unique theme party of all times.

While the kids are busy in tricks and treats in the neighborhood, transform your home into an enchanted castle for a truly magical celebration. With Halloween around the corner it is the perfect time for you to plan your Halloween Party. Send across the invites to all your friends. Choose from a wide variety of invites depending on the theme of the party.

  • If you plan a party for the little monsters “Monster Party Invite” is what you need. Panning an outdoor party. Don’t worry, we have the perfectly designed “Outdoor Halloween Party” invite for the guests.
  • Do you wish to warn all your friends? Scare them a little more with our very first “Animated Halloween Invite”. Something which we are sure cannot be missed. With the perfect setting of the owl looking through the night. With the unusual activities your friends can’t miss to get thrilled this Halloween.

How To Send An Invite?

So, log on to 123invitations right away. Log on to your connect account on our manage page. If you are still on the home page it’s easy for you to click on the tab on the top right corner of the page. Select the template which explains your party the best. Don’t forget to enter the details.

We would want our guest to reach at the right place at the correct time.

Are you are ready to call all the zombies for the wicked party? Add all your contacts or select from your existing list and just click on “Send Invite”.

Keep reminding your friends about the party with the reminder option.

All you need to do now is to get ready in your spooky outfit and some Bloody Mary to drink for a ‘spooktacular’ night. Don’t forget to capture all the spirits and the ghostly creatures.

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