Hot Off the Press

Welcome to the 123Greetings corporate blog. We’ve been pretty busy lately in the background. We made great strides launching APIs across major social networks, and enhancing the entire website. Now we’re launching our corporate blog. Thank you for all your emails and support for our applications.

Change is the only constant, and the only way forward. We at 123Greetings take pride in the emotional bonding we share with our users. So we feel obliged to let you know how we are changing with the tide of times, while keeping our core values intact. We are still the bridge to your loved ones, near and far. Now, we are present in networks where you connect with your friends and folks. This blog will be a platform for us to connect with our users at a level that is more personal, more heart-to-heart. You’ll find what’s in the pipeline, sneak peeks of our beta launches and our latest upgrades right here. Come join us and help us give better life to your expressions.

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