Look Back: Bob’s Extraordinary Encounters!

We at 123Greetings.com love to add a dose of fun and joy to your life by sharing short and long snippets of Editor Bob’s life, along with his friends. We aim to have a positive impact on people from around the world with our regular updates. With a blast from the past we rediscover a few of the inspiring people we conversed with over the years and hope that you take away something from it as well.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane together.

“Life is a process of continual transformation. If you do not like your life, remember, you can always change it.” Kaya

In 2016, we were mesmerized by the outlook of Kaya and Christiane Muller, a couple who studies dreams and symbols. A celebrity turned hermit, Kaya, found comfort with God as he worked to develop qualities and attributes represented by angels. To know more click here.

“You work to get the greens, God says, “so be it.” You labor because you want to add value to lives, God says, “so be it.” You pray out of fear, it magnifies, while you pray out of faith, it glorifies.”

The year, 2016 also granted us the fortune to hear the account of one Sujo John and his wife Mary. Working at the World Trade Center, he and his wife survived the 9/11 attacks that changed their outlook towards life. You can read about it here.

We were blessed to review the first book in The Love And Redemption Trilogy written by a most gifted author, Linda Diane Wattley. It takes readers on a soulful journey of discovering oneself from the inside out. Before we know who we are, we must understand what we are not. This is a work of spiritual and mental stimulation and renewal, a must to move forward.

Just last month, we gave our readers the opportunity to super charge their love lives with Antia and Brody Boyd, love mentors who help in the search for soul mates. An interesting chat resolved many questions present in our minds about love and all its intricacies.

Another interesting read would be the one written by Hamish C.J Holmes on making the mind your friend. He writes, “The mind’s capacity to fool or support us left me in awe. Why then we try to master it or control it and constantly be at war with it? Just befriend it and we are sorted.”

“The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything but they make the most of everything.”-Sam Cawthorn

Another truly inspiring and miraculous story was that of Sam Cawthorn who revived from death, after being hit by a semi-trailer. His presence, his thoughts and his writing are extremely encouraging and motivating.

“It is so important to have a good holistic lifestyle and educational program that allows individuals suffering from an addiction to come back to the one thing which is perfect to be addicted to and that is divine love frequency we carry within and which has no negative ramifications.”

The last but in no way the least is the teachings of Jas Jasmuheen, the ambassador of peace and light eater who lives on pure love and light, without the desire for physical food. You can find the interview here.

We hope to give you a chance to re-read these special interviews that are a source of inspiration even today.


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