National Chocolate Pudding Day And More On June 26!

National Chocolate Pudding Day: National Chocolate Pudding Day is a sweet celebration of a childhood favorite that continues to bring joy to adults and kids alike. While its origins may be less than appetizing, pudding has evolved into a creamy and smooth dessert that we can’t get enough of. So go ahead and indulge in spoonful after spoonful of chocolatey goodness on June 26th – just make sure to leave out the raw mutton fat.

Also on June 26...

International Day in Support of Victims of Torture: A day to honor and support victims of torture and to promote the eradication of torture worldwide.

National Beautician’s Day: A day to appreciate and thank the hardworking professionals in the beauty industry who help us look and feel our best.

National Canoe Day: A day to celebrate the versatile and beloved watercraft that has been used for transportation, recreation, and exploration for centuries.

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