National Meteor Watch Day And More On June 30!

National Meteor Watch Day: National Meteor Watch Day is a perfect occasion to gaze at the night sky and appreciate the beauty of meteors. Also known as shooting stars, these fiery fragments of asteroids can take millions of years to hit Earth. On this day, take a moment to learn about this fascinating phenomenon and its impact on our planet. Fun fact — these fragments can take millions of years before they hit Earth. So, grab a blanket, head outside, and witness the magic of the night sky!

Also on June 30…

Social Media Day: A day to celebrate the impact and importance of social media in our daily lives. Whether you use social media for personal connections or business, today is the perfect day to acknowledge the role it plays in modern communication.

International Asteroid Day: A day to raise awareness about the potential threat of asteroids to Earth and to promote scientific research and exploration of the solar system. This holiday is a reminder of the importance of studying and understanding the universe around us.

National Food Truck Day: It’s a day dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the delicious creations, entrepreneurial spirit, and community-building impact of food trucks. On this special day, people can explore a variety of mouthwatering cuisines conveniently parked in their neighbourhoods, from gourmet burgers and tacos to exotic fusion dishes and delectable desserts. It’s an opportunity to support local businesses, indulge in culinary adventures, and savour the flavours of this unique dining experience.

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