National Monkey Day And More On July 21!

National Monkey Day: A celebration of our playful and intelligent primate friends. From the mischievous capuchins to the wise orangutans, monkeys captivate us with their curious nature and amazing agility. This day is a reminder of the importance of primate conservation and the need to protect their natural habitats. So, whether you’re sharing fun facts about monkeys, supporting conservation organizations, or simply taking a moment to appreciate these incredible creatures, let’s swing into action and make Monkey Day a day of joy and advocacy for our primate friends.

Also on July 21…

National Junk Food Day: A Day to indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure snacks and treat yourself to all the deliciously unhealthy treats that you love.
National Lamington Day: A sweet celebration of the iconic Australian dessert, the lamington. On this special day, indulge in the soft and fluffy goodness of lamingtons and savor the unique flavors that make them a true Aussie delight.
Legal Drinking Age Day: A Day to reflect on the laws and regulations surrounding the minimum age at which individuals can legally consume alcoholic beverages. Whether you’re of legal drinking age or not, take the opportunity to educate yourself and others about the effects of alcohol and make informed choices regarding its consumption. Cheers to a day of awareness and responsible decision-making!
Comic-Con: Comic-Con is an exciting celebration of all things pop culture, where fans gather to immerse themselves in the world of comics, movies, TV shows, and more. Get ready to embrace your inner superhero and embark on a thrilling adventure into the realms of imagination!
We’re always open to adding new holidays to our line-up. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know, and while you’re here, take a look at our collection of e-cards by following this link.

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