With “My Reminders” You Don’t Forget Any Birthdays!

Who does not want to be wished on their perfect day?

Wouldn’t you like to wish your friends and loved ones on their special day, whether it is their birthday or anniversary and make their day special or get a wish from them on your special day?

And do you always remember to wish them on time?

So that you don’t forget any birthdays or anniversaries, 123Greetings has now introduced a “My Reminder” section for you to enable you to store the birthdays and anniversaries of all your friends and loved ones at a single place. Not just that we have also created a facility for sending a card automatically to your friends and loved ones, even if you have not remembered their birthdays, but for that you must first select the option to do so.

If you do not have the birthday/ anniversary of your friends, then you can just shoot them an email with a link to update their birthdays/ anniversaries and that’s all to it. It’s a simple but elegant way not just to wish on time, but to remember as well.

It is your virtual alarm clock for all your friends’ birthdays and anniversaries.

So just fill up the details by importing your friend list or fill it up manually or shoot your friends an email to update their birthdays and then sit back and enjoy the freedom to not remember any of them and yet send a wish to each of your friends on time.

Don’t you think this is something you were just waiting for? Well, we have introduced this right now only on our Desktop. Very soon you will find this wonderful addition on the mobile web and or mobile App on Android and iOS as well.

So just log in to http://www.123greetings.com/connect/birthdays and get all your friends together and let all of them say, “I don’t forget any birthdays anymore”.

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