Schedule Birthday Cards To Your Folks Forever

Have you ever thought about wanting to remember a friend’s birthday and wish him, but just on the day clouds fogged your memory cells and you forgot?

Until now we only hoped and promised to remember birthdays of significant people forever and ever but reality was farther away from our desires. This phenomenon got a few people thinking and that gave birth to an innovative concept. Earlier we had diaries and journals to jot down the key dates, which was okay until the gray cells diluted a little more and we often misplaced the petite diary that could have saved our face and strengthened our relations.

This need of remembering the important days of the people you love to the moon and back flooded the android and iTunes market with many utility apps. At the same time to fill in the gaps in the memory of our crowded head, 123Greetings launched its Address Book which aided in sending reminders to the users for wishing their friends on the right day.

But, when we noticed reminders weren’t enough because many of us stay in the snooze mode most of the time we decided to take a step forward to bridge the gap between remembering and wishing. The result was magnificent. 123Greetings whipped out a whole new concept –wherein users have to just select and schedule the card and 123Greetings will take care of the rest – so now sit back and relax. You can afford to be on an autopilot mode as we will take care of sending them your warm wishes at the right time.

So here’s what 123Greetings did. See how you can never miss wishing on a birthday any more.

  1. Go to and register yourself.
  2. After you register and verify, just upload your contact details by either filling in details manually or by importing them from different email service providers.
  3. Fill in the Birthdays of all the contacts.
  4. Go to
  5. Check out “Schedule Birthday Cards Automatically” tab.connect
  6. Click on the check box.
  7. Select your category and birthday card and put in a lovely message.
  8. Hit on “Save”.


That’s it. Now this card with the message will be sent to all your loved ones on the date their birthday falls. If you find the same card and message to be boring, you can also edit and change the message and birthday card from time to time.

So wish upon a star or two as 123Greetings will handle wishing your folks for you and make your friends and loved ones feel really special. So why wait, get going instantly!

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