Spooky Short Story Contest on Halloween!

It’s about time we had some fun. A quieter autumn weekend in New York is like the lull before the storm. Halloween will consume all the boredom and dullness and once again we will revel in the unboxed means of having fun.

So, spin a ghostly tale or share a real, bone-chilling experience and we will highlight the top three winning posts on our blogs, facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and so on.

Entries need to be submitted before 22nd October and must be original and not plagiarized. The word limit is 140-250 words. You can provide us with images for the same, pictures need to be in public domain or if photographed by you, please give us the consent to use the same. You can send your entries along with a brief profile of yours to giftasmile@123greetings-inc.com.

“There were scratches on the wall, the ripped pillow lay on the bedside. I woke up & wondered who could have done it and realized, I live alone here.” #SpookyTales #EditorBob #123greetings

It is time to get eerie and weave the perfect tale and unleash a thrilling time accompanied by the festive spirit of Halloween. Awaiting your submissions.

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