Spreading Father’s Day Joy!

The countdown to Father’s Day has begun! There’s no better place to welcome the celebration than with us, here at 123Greetings.com! We’ve lined up a series of activities that will touch both your heart strings and your goofy spirit, keeping you covered on this Father’s Day.

First on the agenda for our Father’s Day plan is #MemoriesWithDad. We ask you, our readers, to share a memory that defines your dad the best. You can email us at giftasmile@123greetings-inc.com or leave a message/ comment on our Facebook/ Twitter page. We will compile all the messages into a video that you can use to surprise your father on 18th of June!

Does your dad laugh the loudest at his own jokes than anyone else in a room? Does your dad think he is the wittiest among all family members? We are in the progress of developing an info graphic of a few legendary ‘Dad Jokes’ that will surely tickle your senses. Honestly ‘Dad Jokes’ are so bad, they are good, which is the title for this segment. We are also working on a poem that you can share with your father on the emotions and joys of fatherhood.

Father’s Day also calls for some friendly competition. We bring to you ‘Can you guess the legendary movie dad from their words of advice?’ Share your score in the comments section on our Facebook page or right here. It will be up on Editor Bob’s Facebook page soon. Do you have it in you to defeat your friends? Take the quiz to find out.

Quench your competitive spirit, laugh along with your dad as you read ‘Dad Jokes’ and reminisce over some of your favorites dad moments over the years as you celebrate Father’s Day to the utmost with 123Greetings.com!

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