Sweet And Sour Taste of Motherhood!

Megan, mother of two daughters, was rushing to take her family for a picnic. She ensured everything is in place, sandwiches, snacks, juice cartons, their favorite games, chocolates and marshmallows. She packed in the tent, foldable tables, chairs and her Bluetooth speaker, camera, sunglasses and sun protection lotion. Just when she started her car she felt something was amiss. She turned to look through the rear-view mirror and was shocked to notice that her younger one was not there. She rushed to the apartment, unlocked it and found her sitting on her high chair nibbling at her snack. She still gets embarrassed when she recounts how nervous she’d become and the disapproving and unforgiving look her husband gave her later. She suggests writing a check-list of things and folks to bring, when planning an outing and keeping your toddler’s name on the top of the list.

Moms are like the spring season, always bringing with them happiness and abundance. But sometimes we forget they are only humans and can falter.

I met these wonderful women who shared some of their embarrassing moments when they goofed up and also suggest fixes for other moms out there to ensure well-being, safety and most importantly, ways to avoid awkwardness.

Donna, a mother of two, confessed about her embarrassing moment with her teenage children. She was caught sneaking in their room and checking their phone messages and also replying to her son’s girlfriend for sending an inappropriate message to him! What followed was a major tiff and she suggests one thing to all spying parents of teens, no matter how cool your relationship with your child is, you still need to respect each other’s privacy and regard their need for space. The best way to know your teenager’s life is to call his buddies home for a Sunday brunch and spend some fun time with them.

So let’s share the moments which you would rather push under the carpet and wish had never happened and with that share the lessons you learnt and fixes you came up with. Leave a trail behind for the moms to follow. Be it forgetting the extra diaper in the bag and having to fix a messy situation with nursing pads or forgetting to attend your child’s sports day event because of an urgent office meeting or fighting over an excessive short skirt with your grown up daughter or arguing over which television channel to watch.

Children of over idealistic parents have a lot of social pressure and a high standard of expectations to live up to while children born to parents who falter and have the courage to own up to their moments grow up to be balanced individuals.

Share your images with your kids along with your story and the best ones will be featured in our blog post on Mother’s Day and we’ll create a memorable digital album with your story which will tug at the heartstrings of your family and fill your home with giggles and will remain with you long after they’ve left their nest. Let them relish the sweet and sour taste of motherhood. You can send your entries at giftasmile@123greetings-inc.com

Use the hash tag #TasteOfMotherHood and #123Greetings and share it with the best and brave moms you know of who can lift the weight from motherhood and recognize the imperfectly perfect woman, insanely in love with her cubs.

Cheers and Love,

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