Tales Of Love And Romance

It’s no secret that love stories have appealed to both genders for decades now. The theme of love has the power to make you think, feel, inspire and uplift our moods.

Love Stories by 123Greetings, promises to do all that. This is the best place to get tales of love and romance, spread across 12 categories, from around the globe.

It is a collection of short love stories including romantic, emotional, tragic, happy, sad, inspiring, and rom-com, that will drive you crazy and sweep you off your feet.

Some of the stories will make you laugh and some will make you weep, but all of them will thrill and also enthrall you. Stories on unconditional love and stories based on love quotes will motivate and help you find true happiness within yourself. This collection of funny, adorable pet stories will help you to realize the importance of pets and their love for each other could help educate you in changing your lives. There are also wedding and marriage proposal stories for you to learn the different ways of proposals!

However, we still believe that the best stories are stories that are from people who have lived it and experienced every detail of it. They have the power to inspire people who are seeking love and are yet to find one.

If you have some wonderful love story of your own to share, do submit your love story, and if we find it good we will help you publish it

Top 3 picks:

·  You Could Lie Buried In The Grave If You Don’t Forgive And Forget!

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•       The Secret To Long Lasting Love!


Romeo and Juliet is an example being cited every time by everybody. These people believe that their love story is the perfect one… Read More

•        Is Trust And Understanding The Bane Of Love?


We are often prejudiced by feelings for a particular person/ kind of people. These feelings arise out of our consciousness getting us attracted towards them. Love is devoid of all these because love looks beyond all this and bases the relationship on trust and understanding, which is built over time… Read More

Regardless of whether you are single or attached, we hope our stories, motivate you and give you hope about love.

Till then, spread some cheer, love and happy thinking!


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