World No Tobacco Day And More On May 31!

World No Tobacco Day: Did you know that tobacco use kills more people than HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria combined? World No Tobacco Day on May 31 aims to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking and encourage people to quit. But the benefits of quitting go far beyond just improving your health. Quitting smoking can save you thousands of dollars each year, as well as improve your quality of life and decrease your risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer. So let’s celebrate World No Tobacco Day by taking a step towards a healthier and wealthier future, and saying goodbye to tobacco for good!

Also on May 31…

National Macaroon Day: A day to indulge in the sweet, delicate French pastry that comes in a variety of flavours.

Save Your Hearing Day: A day to remind people of the importance of protecting their hearing and preventing hearing loss.

National Smile Day: A day to celebrate the power of a smile and spread joy to those around us

Let us know if you have any exciting new celebration opportunities to add to this day. Are you looking for more ways to spread joy? Check out our collection of e-cards to brighten up someone’s day.

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