Action Packed June

The past month has been laced with adrenaline. We had four reward plan winners, a first in many years; a Father’s Day Contest with surprise winners and a new one for Friendship’s Day.

Chidhambara our first reward plan winner this month joined us on February 12, 2016. Testing his cards with events earlier, Chidhambara soon got a grasp of our system. With the help of our studio team, he explored various categories such as Birthday, Love, Anniversary, Good Morning to find resonance with our users. Last month, his Love and Birthday cards are what made him win the reward plan. From posting cards on the next day of every event, Chidhambara has come a long way and is now one of our most prized reward plan winners.

Poppies is the hard work of two sisters by situation – Valerie & Laura. They joined the platform early April and have since been experimenting with their cards across various categories. Designing only postcards, they have a wide selection of over 150 cards on the system. Their niche is pun and humor on every occasion or long poetry for their love and inspiration cards.

Swracrafts is a relatively fresh designer who we stumbled upon in Instagram. She joined us in May and has been making her way through the site since then. Experimenting between postcards and animated gifs, she brings funk to her cards with bright neon colors, bold text and rapid animation. Her top birthday and love cards helped her win the reward plan last month.

RRDesigns joined us in June itself and achieved his sends through his Ramadan cards and Father’s Day ones. Working on flash, his designs provided a variety to our portfolio of cards for those events. His Ramadan cards were well received by our global audience leading to his win.

While we expected our top 10 artists to win all contests every time, we had surprise winners for the Father’s Day contest. While the sub-category winners were largely upcoming artists from the reward plan, the highest send winners were Prabhakaran for North America and SanquettiDesig for Global. Daftoons also received a special mention for his latest Father’s Day Card which achieved the highest sends on the day of the event.

The Studio blog last month covered inspiration for Summer & 4th of July and also a study on what the earlier reward plan winners got right. So if you are thinking of coming on board or wondering how to improve yourself as an e-card designer, the Studio blog is the place to be.

Moreover, we have just announced a contest for Friendship’s Day, so do click though and start designing. To sign up for Studio, do visit

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