Become A Poet This Summer!

I stepped out in rush when the clouds spreading their wings like angels showering drops of nectar caught me by surprise and the cool raindrops brought up a forgotten song in my mind. Words formed verses and my breath gave it a rhythm. I suddenly broke out into a poem and found my happy place.

“Rains generosity…

Releases and sets free…

Clouds and brimming tears…”

~Editor Bob

The warmth of summer-love or pain of missing someone arises with the rain and often gives birth to a poem in every heart.

I love jotting down a haiku which is a very short poem, originated in Japan. A traditional haiku mentions the season or is inspired by it. It follows no specific structure but just few simple rules.

  • It must be of only three lines.
  • The first line is only 5 syllables.
  • The second line is 7 syllables.
  • The third line is only 5 syllables as in the first line.

Runa, one of our reader, shares beautifully a haiku which touched our core leaving us wanting some more, she writes,

“Grim clouds with purpose

Multiply nature’s bounty

A cyan Monday.”

Here’s a chance to share your poems, haikus and free falling expressions of love, rain and summer.

Just let your pen flow and mail us your entries at by 18th of July and we will announce our first three winners on the Full Moon Day, falling on 19th of July here itself.

123Greetings Studio will create a special summer greeting for first three winners with their names on it.

Editor Bob’s blog will be featuring the winners’ posts.

“Give wings to your dreams…

Let the inner sun shine more…

Write for, “you’re alive!


Editor Bob

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