Introducing “Send To facebook Friends” Option…

A step forward to keep you connected in the age of social networking! As the boom in social networking keeps bringing the world closer to you, 123greetings introduces ‘Send to facebook Friends’ option, to allow you to stay connected with your facebook friends and send e-cards. User experience is expected to get much more pleasant with this new add-on feature.

Now connect to your facebook friends from 123greetings at the click of a button. Jus’ select a card and send to as many friends you wish to.

Step 1:
Select the Ecard: First click on a card of your choice.
Move your eyes to the bottom left of the card and click on the ‘Send to facebook friends’ button.

Step 2:

Select your facebook friends: Click on the button to login and select your friends.

Step 3 :
Add friends: Type first letter to find, select and add friends. Note you can select multiple friends from your friend list.

Step 4:
Send: Click the button to send your ecard.

It’s as simple as that! Try out own your own.

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