Is Your Mom The Best In The World?

More often than not, the most valuable things in life get the least amount of recognition. A mother is one of those people taken for granted by all. “Whatever sacrifice she makes is something that needn’t be fretted upon, as it is, but, her job description… It is by default!”- That’s the shameful thought of a good lot of children around the world. Maybe, it’s time to change… One greeting card at a time this Mother’s Day!

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We, here, at 123Greetings have a burning desire to celebrate events and festive occasions of all kinds, with the aim of nurturing relationships that deserve more respect than what they have now. One of the ways of understanding what your mother means to you is by talking about her, introspecting and understanding her contribution to you, your family and sometimes, the world. A little gesture by her could have changed your life… After all, she gave you life.

Think long and hard about those moments that you never made an effort to recall until today. There should be those countless special moments. The problem is not about the lack of moments when she stood for you and gave you solace and inspiration, but the tough part is to put a finger on that specific moment that stands unique for you as her child.

Once you’ve been able to get your thoughts together and are able to pinpoint that one special memory that lingers, share it with us along with your mom’s name on our Facebook event page. Names of moms from the 1,000 most liked stories get featured on an ecard we’re designing especially for them, and 100 most liked stories get published in an ebook we’ll be releasing on Mother’s Day, May 12, 2013.

Of course, the love that she’s showered on you and all that she’s done for you can never be repaid. But a small gesture from your end to show how much she is loved and how grateful you are to her would mean the world to her!

Share your story here, don’t wait till the last minute, and be the son or daughter your mother would be proud of!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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