One Daddy, Many Roles!

123Greetings celebrates Father’s Day with great enthusiasm. We believe that the special bond between father and child should be cherished and celebrated. Father’s contribution in shaping a child’s life is immense and hence he deserves appreciation for the hard-work he puts in.
Dads play multiple roles daily, many of which go unnoticed. They are efficient in some roles and not so great in others. Nevertheless without them our lives won’t run as smoothly.

Here are few popular roles they play in our lives and things they do especially for us.


Father's DaySome Dads are the best cooks and surprise us with their culinary tricks. Even after a long day at work Dads enjoy making a sumptuous meal for us and in case they can’t cook they are always willing for takeaways. Hence it’s a win-win!

Story Teller:

Father's Day
Probably one of the hardest jobs for dads is to put the little ones to bed. But surprisingly, some are even good at that! They tell us beautiful stories of kings and queens and treat us the same. When they run out of stories, they innovate and never fall short of our fairytale expectations.


Father's Day
Dad taught us Baseball, to hit goals in Soccer, to shoot Hoops, and took us for our first round of Golf. He spent his afternoons driving us to and fro from practice or playing with us in the backyard. Our flair for sports may have been honed by him.


Father's Day
Who helps us solve the most complex algebra problems? Or breaks down physics theories? Dads may not be the ideal go-to person but they sure are more hard-working than us. They‘ll read our books; spend hours learning just so that they can help us understand. After all, they don’t want to compromise on their role model image!


Father's Day
Dad took us for a walk and cheered us up every time we felt low. Whether it was problems with friends, academic challenges or career shaping decisions, he helped us pass through all. He made the biggest issues seem miniscule and shared such words of wisdom that left an impression.

These are just a few examples but there are plenty more they do for us. This Father’s Day acknowledge their significance in your life and let them know how important they are to you. A small expression of gratitude in the form of ecards can brighten their day. No matter how small or big a role they play in your life, let Dads know what you enjoy the most. Which role of his is important to you and which one you treasure the most?

Tell us which is your Favorite role of your Dad?
Post your comments below so we can create ecards for the most popular roles played by Dads. Feel free to suggest ideas for ecards you’d like us to create for them. Don’t limit this to only your Dads; this could be for Grandfathers, God fathers or Father Figures.
We will provide you with the link to the ecards that have been created based on your inputs.

Please note: By posting your comments you allow us to use your ideas to create ecards for different Roles of Fathers. Our Editors reserve the right to choose ideas they deem suitable for our website and audience.

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