National Visit Your Relatives Day (U.S.A) And More Holidays On May 18!

National Visit Your Relatives Day: National Visit Your Relatives Day on May 18th is a reminder to cherish family time and connect with loved ones. In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s important to take a moment and visit or call relatives we haven’t connected with in a while. Spending quality time with family helps us maintain close ties and stay rooted in our culture and traditions. Celebrate the day by relishing fond childhood memories and hosting a reunion to bring the family together.

Also on May 18…

International Museum Day: An annual event organized by the International Council of Museums to raise awareness about the importance of museums and their role in promoting cultural exchange and understanding.

World AIDS Vaccine Day: Honors the thousands of volunteers, scientists, and health professionals who are working to develop a vaccine for HIV/AIDS and raises awareness about the ongoing need for prevention and treatment.

Flag Day (Haiti): A national holiday in Haiti that celebrates the adoption of the Haitian flag in 1803 and the country’s independence from France.

Victoria Day (Canada): A Canadian holiday that celebrates the birthday of Queen Victoria, who was the monarch of Canada when the country was formed.

Feast of Saint Eric IX of Sweden: A holiday that honors Saint Eric IX, the patron saint of Sweden and the country’s king from 1150 to 1160.

National Cheese Souffle Day: Celebrates the delicious dish of cheese souffle, which is a light and fluffy baked dish made with eggs, cheese, and other ingredients.

Armed Forces Day (Honduras): A national holiday in Honduras that honors the country’s armed forces and their role in protecting national security and defending democracy.

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