National Pizza Party Day (U.S.A) And More Holidays On May 19!

National Pizza Party Day: Pizza is a timeless dish enjoyed by people worldwide. Originating in Naples, Italy, it has a rich history dating back to ancient civilizations. Today, it’s a popular party food and a staple in American cuisine. Whether you prefer homemade or wild pizzerias, there’s no denying that pizza is the definition of a good time. So gather your friends and family and celebrate with a slice (or two) of deliciousness!

Also on May 19…

World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day: A Day dedicated to encouraging people to start their own vegetable gardens, which can promote healthy eating habits and sustainability.

Malcolm X Day: A holiday that honors the civil rights activist Malcolm X and his contributions to the fight for racial justice.

World IBD Day: A Day dedicated to raising awareness about inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and improving the lives of people affected by it.

May Ray Day: A Day to celebrate the arrival of spring and the warmth of the sun’s rays.

National Devil’s Food Cake Day: Celebrates the rich, chocolatey cake known as devil’s food cake, which is typically made with cocoa powder and sometimes coffee.

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