Never forget an important event! Get Event Reminder

While you might remember that Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year, do you know when “Friendship Day,” or “Mother’s Day” will be celebrated next year? The dates of many such events change every year and it is difficult to keep track of them. You might also miss out on the opportunity to wish your friends and family members on such important events. With the Event Reminder service from 123Greetings Connect, you can easily set alerts for events. After you get the notification in your inbox, you can easily send an ecard to your dear ones.

Within Connect, you can also see a complete list of all the upcoming events. Getting Event Reminder is a simple 3 step process:

1. Sign up on 123Greetings Connect:

If you haven’t signed up, go to 123Greetings Connect to sign up. It takes only a moment.

2. Select Event Categories:

After you have signed up, login and go to the My Events page. 123Greetings has more than 200 events grouped in 14 Event Categories. Selecting an Event Category will list all the related events. For instance, if you choose “Family Events” as the Event Category, then you will see Events such as Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, Brothers and Sisters Day, etc. You have the option to choose more than one Event Category at a time too.

3. Select Events and save:

Once your favorite events are selected, you simply have to click “Save the selected Events to My Events” tab.

This will list all your selected events in “My Events” box to your right. You will be notified for the events in your “My Events”box.

With the Event Reminder service you can not only keep track of important occasions, but also wish your friends on some of the wackiest events such as “Ask a Stupid Question Day”, “Humor Month”, “Temporary Insanity Day”, etc. Coupled with Birthday Reminder service, Connect is a perfect place to get all your reminders and to wish others easily.

Get started on 123Greetings Connect, and never miss out on your favorite events.


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