Send A Thank You Card To The Sender At The Click Of A Button!

When you receive an ecard you always want to say “Thank You” to appreciate the sender’s gesture. Earlier after receiving an ecard one had to go to the Thank You categories, choose a card and then send it to the sender. The usual process we have followed until now once we received an ecard was to go hunting for a Thank You card to send to the sender.

Now, we have made the process real simple. You will find a Thank You card awaiting to be sent to the receiver once you are through appreciating the card from the receiver. And know what, it is a one-click-and-send process!

How about that?!

We are providing you list of 15 most popular cards of the respective Thank You section at the bottom of the card received by you. You need to write a message (optional) and send it to the ecard sender.

Just give it a try and we can bet, the process won’t take more than a few seconds! And if you are already using this feature, we would appreciate your feedback!

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