Profess Your Love Day And More On June 9!

Profess Your Love Day: A day to express your deepest feelings to the one you love. It’s a day to take a leap of faith and let that special someone know how you feel, whether it’s through a heartfelt conversation, a love letter, or a grand romantic gesture. Love is one of the most powerful emotions humans can experience, and sharing it with someone can bring immense joy, fulfilment, and meaning to our lives. It can be scary to put yourself out there and open up to someone, but sometimes taking that risk can lead to amazing and life-changing experiences. So if you’ve been holding back your feelings, take this day as an opportunity to let your heart speak and see where it takes you. And for those who have already found love, take a moment to appreciate and cherish the special bond you share with your significant other. Happy Profess Your Love Day!

Also on June 9…

National Earl Day: A day to celebrate the popular tea flavor of Earl Grey, which is made by blending black tea with bergamot oil, giving it a unique and refreshing taste.

World APS Day: A day to raise awareness about Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS), a blood clotting disorder that can cause serious health complications and to support those who are affected by it.

International Archives Day: A day to celebrate the work of archivists and their contributions to preserving our collective history and cultural heritage.

National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day: A day to indulge in the sweet and tangy flavors of this classic dessert, which is made with fresh strawberries and rhubarb baked in a flaky pie crust.

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