National Ice Tea Day And More On June 10!

Iced Tea Day 

As summer approaches, it’s time to dust off the ice cubes and fire up the tea kettle. And what better way to kick off the season than with National Iced Tea Day on June 10th? Believe it or not, iced tea hasn’t always been a staple in American culture. It wasn’t until the scorching hot summer of 1904 that visitors to the St. Louis World’s Fair were introduced to the refreshing drink. Enter Richard Blechynden, a tea plantation owner and merchant who was looking to promote his product. But with temperatures soaring above 100°F, hot tea wasn’t exactly a popular choice among fairgoers. He decided to serve his tea chilled over ice, and it was an instant hit. People loved the cool, sweet taste of iced tea, and the drink quickly became a summertime favourite.

So, on June 10th, grab a tall glass of your favourite iced tea and raise a toast to Richard Blechynden, the man who introduced America to the refreshing drink we all know and love today. Cheers!

Also on June 10…

Portugal Day: A national holiday in Portugal that commemorates the death of Luís de Camões, a 16th-century poet who is considered a national hero.

Ballpoint Pen Day: A day to celebrate the invention of the ballpoint pen, which has become one of the most widely used writing instruments in the world.

World Art Nouveau Day: A day to celebrate and promote the Art Nouveau style, which flourished in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and is characterized by its flowing lines, floral motifs, and ornamental curves.

National Herbs and Spices Day: A day to celebrate and explore the wide variety of herbs and spices that are used to flavour food and enhance culinary experiences around the world.

World Ice Cream Cake Day: A day to indulge in the delicious combination of ice cream and cake, which has become a popular dessert for birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions.

If you have a fun holiday idea that you think would be perfect for today, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re happy to consider your suggestions, and while you’re here, take a look at our collection of e-cards by clicking on this link.

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