Red Rose Festival And More On June 11!

Red Rose Festival: Every year, the small town of Kazanlak in Bulgaria hosts the Red Rose Festival to celebrate the blooming of the world-famous Bulgarian rose. The festival features a parade, concerts, exhibitions, and of course, the picking of the roses. The Bulgarian rose, also known as the Kazanlak rose, is famous for its delicate fragrance and is used to produce some of the world’s most expensive perfumes.

During the festival, visitors can watch the traditional rose-picking ceremony, where locals dressed in traditional Bulgarian attire gather the roses by hand. The festival is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in Bulgarian culture, try traditional food and drinks, and admire the beautiful scenery of the Rose Valley. So, if you’re looking for a unique and fragrant experience, Visit the Red Rose Festival in Kazanlak.

Also on June 11…

National Corn on the Cob Day: A day to celebrate the delicious and iconic summertime vegetable that’s enjoyed by many around the world.

Kamehameha Day: A public holiday in the state of Hawaii that honours Kamehameha the Great, the first king of Hawaii who united the Hawaiian Islands.

National Making Life Beautiful Day: A day to promote positivity and kindness by doing something to make the world a more beautiful place, whether it’s through acts of kindness or by simply doing something creative or artistic.

International Yarn Bombing Day: A day to celebrate the fun and whimsical art form of yarn bombing, where knitters and crocheters cover public spaces with colourful and creative yarn installations.

National German Chocolate Cake Day: A day to indulge in the rich and decadent dessert that’s made with chocolate, coconut, and pecans. Despite its name, German chocolate cake actually originated in the United States.

If you have any suggestions for such fun amazing holidays to add to our list, please don’t hesitate to share them with us. You can also check out our selection of ecards for your loved ones by clicking on this link.

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